Terms of Use

Access 1 Properties, Inc, and ___________________________________
referred to as CLIENT, agree:

Client is desirous of obtaining a buyer referral on the following terms: 9.99% of the profit,
not to exceed $4,999, which would be paid at settlement for each property closed with
Access 1 Properties.

Referral terms:

During the term of this agreement, CLIENT agrees that they will:

Approve the property details before the property is advertised.

Inform Access 1 Properties, Inc of any changes to the property details and pricing;

To inform the Access 1 Properties, Inc of any change in status (if the property has been sold
or rented);

To provide all reasonable cooperation requested by Access 1 Properties, Inc.

Access 1 Properties, Inc shall give reasonable and regular status reports to CLIENT regarding
all relevant developments during the period of this agreement to CLIENT.

Client and or the buyer referral shall not circumvent Access 1 Properties, Inc. with the intent
of directly doing business for the period of this agreement. In the event that said agreement is
broken, Access 1 Properties, Inc. will still be paid its original fee, which is listed above.

Client must prove proof of ownership and proof of the balance owed on the property. In the
event that this a wholesale deal, client must provide a sales contract and proof of paid EMD.